Protein Burger

3 rolls


Dip: Wash, dry and chop the basil, fry the onions and chop the dried tomatoes. Mix all ingredients together and season with salt and pepper.

Patties: Knead all ingredients and form patties. Sear in the pan from both sides. Reduce the heat and continue frying until cooked.

Topping: Spread the dip onto the bottom half of the bread roll. Top this half with the patty and the cucumber. Cover with washed, mixed lettuce, tomato slices and the second half of the bread roll.

Bread roll: see recipe for “grain roll


For the burger sauce

2 basil stalks
40 g onion (fried)
3 Stk. dried tomatoes
30 g Your Daily Protein Egg White Nature
2 Tl mustard
2 Tl tomato purée
160 g light cream cheese
salt and pepper

For the patties

50 g Your Daily Protein Egg White Nature
300 g Beef minced meat
1 Tl. mustard
½ Tl. black pepper
½ Tl. salt
10 g parsley

For the topping

2-4 slices of cucumber
30 g mixed lettuce
2 slices of tomato
4 slices of cheese