EGG WHITE - rich in valuable protein
& few calories



<1% fat

Low Carb <1%

long lasting freshness

Both vegetable and animal foods provide protein. Here, in particular, egg whites are very convincing, thanks to their very special properties and particularly valuable composition. Egg white is not only “Low Carb & Low Fat”, but the protein quality is also very high. Why egg white is, among other things, rated so much higher than vegetable proteins is because the amino acid structure can be better metabolised by humans.

Ideal for people who watch their weight, fitness and diet.

Egg White provides a very valuable protein for the modern diet, as it can be digested easily and is also rich in the essential amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. The human body cannot produce these itself - however, they are of enormous importance for the muscle apparatus. Apart from this, the egg white protein provides a lasting feeling of fullness, which also makes it popular for diets.

Cholesterol levels? Not a problem for egg white!

Since egg white is virtually fat-free, it has no effect on human cholesterol levels. And there is another extremely attractive aspect: Egg white protein can also be consumed in cases of lactose intolerance.

 Quality is of key importance for YOUR DAILY PROTEIN:
The eggs that are used for YOUR DAILY PROTEIN, are always sourced from free-range farming.
And the eggs are only released for further processing after successful quality inspection.

Our quality and safety programmes comply with the highest hygiene, safety and naturalness standards.