Macaron Sandwiches

35 minutes


1. Wash and dry the lemon, finely grate 2 tsp. of peel and squeeze out 1 tsp. of juice. Beat the egg white and lemon juice with a hand mixer until stiff. Gradually pour in the sugar while stirring and continue beating for 1 minute. Briefly stir in the lemon zest and the quark, and fold in the coconut flakes. Pour the coconut mixture into a piping bag with a perforated nozzle (11 mm Ø). Pipe 50 flat disks (each 3 cm in diameter) onto 2 baking sheets lined with baking paper at a distance of 2 cm. Bake one after the other in a preheated oven at 175 degrees (gas 2, convection 160 degrees) on the lowest shelf for 18-20 minutes. Allow to cool completely on the baking sheets.

2. Roughly chop the chocolate glaze. Bring the cream to the boil in a pot, remove from the stove, melt 200 g chocolate glaze into it. Finely crush the allspice in a mortar and stir in. Allow to cool at room temperature until it is a medium-firm cream.

3. Carefully remove the macarons from the baking paper. Turn half of the macarons over. Pour the chocolate cream into a disposable piping bag. Pipe the cream onto the inverted macarons and place the remaining macarons on top. Melt the remaining chocolate glaze in a hot water bath together with the cake frosting. Fill the disposable piping bags, garnish the macarons



Tip: Unfilled macarons will keep in a tin can for approx. 4 weeks, with a filling approx. 1 week.


1 organic lemon
140 g Your Daily Protein Egg White Nature
160 g sugar or alternative (agave sugar, erythritol)
65 g low-fat quark (or plant-based alternative)
130 g coconut flakes
Filling and garnish:
300 g dark chocolate glaze (55% cocoa)
200 ml whipped cream (or plant-based alternative)
1/2 teaspoon allspice (rubbed)
50 g dark cake frosting